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Wizbots Weekend Robotics & Coding Labs are a place to explore robotics, programming and design. Our one-of-a-kind Path to Mastery allows students to jump right in whether they are doing this for the first time or if they are looking to build on skills they have already learned. The project-based, gamified experience of Wizbots allows students to track their progress and gather rewards for gaining knowledge as they level up. In an instantly captivating, enriching and social environment, our program allows students to engage in a variety of projects that combine LEGO® robotics and  Java programming. They are encouraged to design using open-ended creativity, problem-solve to meet tech challenges, and communicate and collaborate to participate in team games. Your child is never doing the same thing twice at Wizbots – it is always something new and fun! Our parents love our Wonderwall webpage feature where we post project videos so you can see what your child is doing and also share it with family and friends.

Why Wizbots?
Exposing your child to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) at an early age in a fun and creative environment helps them embark on a journey of learning. The fun interactive system of learning allows a child to fall in love with STEM and helps them on a lifelong path of success.

At Wizbots our focus is making learning intuitive and fun for kids. We do this in many unique ways:

  • Wizbots Path to Mastery curriculum is truly one-of-a-kind. Using a gaming approach to learning we encourage kids to journey from Novice to Master at their own pace discovering knowledge nuggets along the way. Our program allows students the freedom to explore and digest advanced concepts through creativity and problem solving. Wizbots kids are little engineers who are creating and never just building kits.
  • The Wizbots Workbench was developed specially by Wizbots to allow our students to learn to program their LEGO® robots with Java. The Workbench makes Java programming accessible to younger children. It also allows advanced students to experience a more powerful coding experience enabling them to explore more possibilities than LEGO® robotics software.
  • Team Building and Collaboration helps our students build soft skills. Kids work in teams of two or three and have to learn to communicate, listen, work together and learn from each other to execute a successful project.
  • Creativity is an integral part of our classroom. We have a plethora of art and craft materials which encourages artistic expression, imagination and storytelling. So even if your child identifies him or herself as a more creative person, our robotics program will draw them in. We have learned that this really encourages the more creative child, especially girls, to build a love for STEM.
  • Our Wonderwall has your child’s completed project videos for you to see and share. Allowing the learning experience to be carried home and shared builds a sense of accomplishment and pride in students which encourages them to come in the next time and push their learning further.

Who may attend?
All girls and boys in grades 3-8 are welcome to join us!
What if my child is younger?

Who leads the sessions?
Our instructors, or “Inventor Mentors” as we like to call them, come from various walks of life. All have experience teaching children and are fingerprinted and background checked. Our maximum student to staff ratio is 12:1.
Meet our Inventor Mentors

How long are the Weekend Robotics & Coding Classes?
Students attend our Weekend Robotics & Coding Classes once a week, for 120 minutes at a time. Our weekend sessions typically run 6 weeks at a time. 
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