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I started Wizbots because I saw that robotics could be made accessible and meaningful to kids and that this could transform their perspectives on learning.

Conor has been a practicing engineer for over 20 years. He received his Bachelors in Mathematics and Engineering from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and his PhD in Computer Science from that same institution. He was a founder and CEO of a software company after college, and then moved on to join the Internet wave in Austin, Texas. He got into robotics when he joined NASA in 2002 and has never looked back. Since then he has been an active researcher in the robotics community, having developed cutting edge technologies that have been used on Mars Rovers (while he worked at NASA), undersea autonomous vehicles (at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) and personal robots (at Willow Garage). Conor lives with his wife and 2 children in San Carlos, CA.

LISA MCGANN, Executive Director

Wizbots is not only a fun and exciting place to work, but its mission to provide a service for a greater good also provides a wonderful sense of purpose.

Though Lisa earned a BA in Biology from Duke University, she entered the world of high tech start-ups right after school and never looked back. She loves start-ups because they are dynamic, challenging, and afford the opportunity to wear lots of different hats. Her experience includes management (teams, accounts, programs, projects), marketing, pre-sales, customer service, training, writing, and interaction design. Lisa has been instrumental in seeing several start-ups through their "firsts" - processes, programs, products, etc. As a mom, Lisa finds extra fulfillment in being a part of Wizbots where the programs are designed to provide an amazing learning experience for kids, hers included!

KATIE CRISWELL, Director of Sales

Wizbots makes my job very easy (don't tell the boss) and enjoyable because not only is the program exciting and fun for kids, but parents and educators immediately see the quality and enrichment opportunities that it offers to both boys AND girls.

Katie has a BA in English from UCLA and has worked in the Silicon Valley high tech sector in product management and development as well as software training and sales. She enjoyed working with a wide range of people from engineers, developers, sales reps, marketing pros, and customers to ensure that a quality product was created and delivered. As a board member for the San Carlos Educational Foundation, she saw how budget cuts had reduced much of the enrichment that schools used to be able to offer their students. Now, as the Director of Sales for Wizbots, Katie's background and skills easily translate when contacting and working with new and potential customers for our after school programs. As a mom of two active boys, Katie especially enjoys being involved with a company that provides such great enrichment for kids. In fact, she became interested in Wizbots after her own son had such an amazing experience with the program!

ROXIE EDWARDS, Director of Operations

I joined Wizbots because I believe that learning while playing is the best way to develop critical thinking - a skill that will last a lifetime.

Roxie has spent the last 30 years as an IT Professional. She spent the first years of her career at McKesson Corporation in San Francisco as a program developer and Project Manager. Later she went to work at eBay and PayPal in San Jose as a Project Manager, where she applied her experience to multiple projects and supported the Project Management Office. Roxie came to Wizbots where she uses her extensive organizational skills to respond to the day-to-day coordination effort between Wizbots and the locations they serve. She enjoys entertaining for her family and friends, home renovation and gardening. She is married and lives with her husband in Redwood City, CA.

JOSHUA MUSIAL, Program Director

I look forward to the challenge of challenging the dreamers to dream with eyes open.

Joshua has been a Wizbots Mentor for over 5 years who enjoys working with youth in pursuance of a bright future for all. His previous services prior to joining with Wizbots include teaching math, tutoring language arts, and offering a helping hand in the special needs classrooms as a behavioral management tech. Joshua spends his personal time with music, studies, and partaking in high endurance activities such as mountain biking.

LEANN KOVAR, Director of Customer Happiness

Working with our customers, I have the daily privilege of hearing how much our students love Wizbots. As a mom myself, I know that a program that combines learning valuable skills with creativity and FUN is invaluable.

LeAnn has always had a penchant for all things creative, and earned her BA in Music from Cal State East Bay. Taking a detour into IT technical support gave her extensive experience in troubleshooting, training and supporting customers. LeAnn has always had a passion for learning, and as a parent this means that finding high quality, engaging educational experiences for her kids is a priority. In addition to all manner of creative hobbies, LeAnn loves spending time with her family, hiking and reading.

ALEJANDRO VILLAMARIN, Director of Engineering

The thrilling idea of participating on a project where kids could learn about the wonders of programming and robotics immediately got me. Being part of Wizbots gives a great sense of helping in this educational purpose.

A big fan of technology from early childhood, Alejandro completed an MS in Computer Science and started working in the R&D IoT fields, working with all types of hardware and communication protocols. He then decided to move into industry to solve "real world" problems, and he created a start-up company. While the start-up was not a huge success, Alejandro learned a lot in the process such as how small businesses like Wizbots operate well. He is always striving to improve the engineering process with best practices he's learned from working with other colleagues, while trying to have fun at the same time!

Fredy Lopez

Engaging in learning can never be forgotten.

Fredy is a student at San Jose State University majoring in Physics. He has worked with kids for most of his college career, and he loves teaching and helping kids discover the magic they can make with just a couple of LEGO pieces and a laptop. An enthusiast of seeing robots battle each other, Fredy continues to learn new tips and tricks and is excited to pass them along to his Wizbots students!

Joshua Musial

I look forward to the challenge of challenging the dreamers to dream with eyes open.

Joshua has been a Wizbots Mentor for over 5 years who enjoys working with youth in pursuance of a bright future for all. His previous services prior to joining with Wizbots include teaching math, tutoring language arts, and offering a helping hand in the special needs classrooms as a behavioral management tech. Joshua spends his personal time with music, studies, and partaking in high endurance activities such as mountain biking.

Judy Cronin

I joined Wizbots because I enjoy helping children learn in a creative environment.

Judy has a Bachelor of Technology from Massey University in New Zealand. She has taught Art-in-Action and helped with small groups in the classroom for many years. As a mother of three girls, Judy has lots of experience as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, helping the girls work on various projects and encouraging them to expand their horizons. She believes that project-based, hands-on learning, and being able to express their creative talents is important for kids. She enjoys children of all ages and engaging them in new experiences. Judy is a long time resident of Redwood City who enjoys tennis, ceramics, orienteering and geocaching.


Wizbots allows me to share my passion for creativity and engineering with kids, in a way that is both instructive and fun for everyone!

Keith is a student at Santa Clara University studying Mechanical Engineering. He is from San Carlos and has been a part of Wizbots since the idea for it was first created, back when Keith was in 7th grade. Back then, Keith was being taught how to create robots and express his creativity, and now he is able to give back to others! Keith loves to work on his car and regularly designs and builds his own projects. Every camp brings new experiences, and Keith is excited to learn new things and show others just how awesome robotics is.

Miranda Ashton

"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success… " - Nikola Tesla

Miranda is a student at San Jose City College starting her studies in Women's Health, Psychology and American Sign Language. With extensive childcare experience, she is driven to promote curiosity in children. Miranda is excited to increase her experience in coding and robotics and share that excitement in Wizbots Labs. In her free time, you can find Miranda practicing signing at Deaf Chat nights, singing at open mics at local cafes, or painting in her room.

Robin Signorelli

I find it incredibly rewarding to help guide kids through the Wizbots program, and every day that I get to come to a Wizbots lab brings a new smile to my face.

Robin is a college student working on becoming an elementary school teacher. He has been working with Wizbots for several years now, and he loves bringing his passion for learning to Wizbots' Lab environment!

What kids say about Wizbots...

David, 5th Grade
In Wizbots you have choices.
Oriana, 3rd Grade
I like Wizbots because it gives me a chance to brainstorm ideas.
Cecile, 4th Grade
Wizbots Rules!
Daniel, 3rd Grade
I like Wizbots because it’s great building robots of your choice!
Jillian, 4th Grade
I like Wizbots because I get to do fun creating after school!
Kasea, 3rd Grade
I like Wizbots because we get to do a robot that we want and we get to make our decisions.
Nicholas, 3rd Grade
I like Wizbots because I made a bunch of cool stuff.
Yanis, 4th Grade
Wizbots Rocks!
Jack, 4th Grade
I think Wizbots is better than Mama Luigi!
Alex, 3rd Grade
I like Wizbots because I like building and creating stuff.
Brenna, 8th Grade
It's a great creative outlet and you get to learn alot of new stuff.
Gracie, 8th Grade
It helps prepare me for what I am interested in, because I am into technology and programming.

People who work at Wizbots have just as much fun as the students who attend our programs! We get to inspire kids and play with, talk about and think about cool robots all the time! We're a quirky, laid-back bunch of folks from around the Bay Area that share a common belief - robotics infused with imagination is an instantly engaging (and fun!) means to transform kids' perspectives on learning. If you see an open job opportunity you think you are well suited for, don't waste any time - drop us a line at jobs@wizbots.com to let us know why you're the best candidate.

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